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woman, red hair holding fresh skincare face moisturizer with ceramides and niacinamide and probiotics

Our Story

Hi, I am Athina!

I am excited that you are interested in THY SKIN and if you spend your time reading our story you definitely belong here!

Our story begins with my journey from London to Dubai which brought more than just a change of scenery; it transformed my skin, too. It started with a shift from combined to dry skin, leading to a troubling red patch on my cheek.

Despite numerous visits to dermatologists and trying prescription creams and renowned eczema brand skincare, my skin showed no improvement. Frustrated, I delved into the realm of fresh, natural skincare formulations.

During that journey, I got certified as a Natural Skincare Formulator and got a Diploma as Cosmetic Chemist. My journey revealed that the key is in the freshness of the ingredients along with right percentage of actives.

Once I started using a carefully formulated cream with ceramides at 3%, my skin blossomed to its best version. Within a period of 3 months I saw significant improvement and by 6th month my skin was glowing!

This isn't to say popular brands aren't effective; they might work for the majority, just not for me. That's why THY SKIN Boutique came into being!

skincare for arab chinese and white women that need glowing skin


For the few of us, the high achievers, the loving mothers, the eco-conscious souls who discern about what touches their skin. In the midst of your busy life, THY SKIN is here to save you time, sparing you the frustration of endless searches for the right skincare.

We're here to lift the frustration of wasting your money on generic products that your skin isn't happy with especially in long term. We are here to answer your 'how' and 'why,' embracing your inquisitive mind for understanding what's in your product.

sensitive skin white woman with all natural background

Our Values

At THYSKIN we craft formulations freshly, guided by skilled formulators and experienced cosmetic chemists.

In our world, your skincare routine is more than a ritual; it’s an exploration, a moment of self-discovery, celebration of individuality. It's a journey to reveal the healthiest version of yourself.

Embrace your individuality, honor your skin’s uniqueness that sets you apart in a crowd.

We listen to your concern & understand the complexity of your skin, aiming not just to reveal but to enhance the unique, incomparable glow that is yours alone.

Crafted by women for women! THYSKIN aims to be a vibrant community where we celebrate the journey of every woman, acknowledging the uniqueness that makes us extraordinary.

Your laughter lines and the glow in your eyes are not just signs of life; they're the highlights of your extraordinary story.

How We do it

THYSKIN products not only nurture your skin but also honor the environment.

With us, you can indulge in luxurious simplicity while making a positive impact on the planet.

We achieve that by :

  • creating small batches so no product is wasted.
  • using re-usable or recyclable materials during production, without compromising quality.
  • using sustainable packaging
  • avoiding unnecessary usage of paper/plastic in our packaging by utilising pouches that can be repurposed.
  • using sustainable and biodegradable materials where available.

There is always to do more and we are commited to it!

woman with red hair and glowing skin showing fresh skincare in UAE

Not sure yet?

It's completely understandable! There are so many brands out there!

If you have any questions about THY SKIN, I would love you to reach out! I am going to more than excited to help you answer any questions!

Otherwise, you can always keep an eye on the brand through our instagram! We are uploading content that you may find useful, such as:

✓ skincare tips, ✓ cosmetic ingredients efficiencies, ✓ busting skincare myths, ✓ answer your skincare questions